About me

My philosophy is simple: start your day with fine coffee and finish it with an even finer glass of gin & tonic. Especially considering a g&t inevitably leads to at least two more, and then the good food cravings kick in, and in London this means trying out a new place. Always.

For me, this points to the moment when I will drunkenly Instagram my meal and end up with thousands of well-angled food pics taking up most of the space on my phone. God bless the Cloud, this isn’t much of an issue.

However, it was about time I shared this invaluable experience of impromptu dining in London. Delicious food, inspiring literature, and lifestyle advice you never asked for: gin in the city is best enjoyed with a sexy mate.

Frankly, my dear, the coffee is to get the creative juices flowing, the gin is for the great conversation.