About me

G&T connoisseur with an overflowing bookshelf and insatiable love for all things food.

Aka: writer, traveller, foodie, bookworm, cinephile…and a journalism graduate with a spicy side of politics.

My perfect day would start with a fine cup of coffee and finish with an even finer glass of gin & tonic. Writing is an activity that flows better with the sufficient lubricant, be it that hot caffeine shot that moves my fingers through the keyboard…or a chilled glass of rose that gets those grey cells working in unexpected ways. Then the good food cravings kick in, and in London this means trying out a new place, new cuisine, new book…Which takes us to how I started this blog.

Delicious food, inspiring literature, and lifestyle advice you never asked for: gin in the city is best enjoyed with an irresistibly funny friend.

Frankly, my dear, the coffee is to get the creative juices flowing, the gin is for the great conversation.